Kiskastély Apartments and Restaurant Füzesgyarmat, cheap accommodation in Füzesgyarmaton, Békés county

Kiskastély Apartments and Restaurant Füzesgyarmat, cheap accommodation in Füzesgyarmaton, Békés county

Kiskastély Fogadó-Étterem
5525 Füzesgyarmat, Kossuth u. 88/A.
+36 30/289-63-42, +36 30/372-36-34
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Kastélypark Bath

The “Sárrét Gyöngye” (The Pearl of Sárrét) medicinal water is recommended for the treatment of the following diseases and health problems: chronic inflammatory and motor diseases, rheumatic diseases, follow-up care after accidents, post-operative bone and articular treatment, chronic neuritis, neuralgia, chronic backache, follow-up care of Heine-Medin disease, chronic inflammatory gynaecological diseases, infertility, general mental and physical exhaustion.

Swimming-pools: a 33m swimming-pool (27ºC), a 25m swimming-pool for swimming instruction (28−30°C), a pool for children, 2 pools with medicinal water (40°C and 37°C) and an indoor adventure pool (36°C)

            Composition of the water:

Sodium-hydrogen-carbonate thermal water containing tromid, iodide and metaboric acid. Slightly brownish thermal water with a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius.

                     Other services: eating possibilities, sauna with hot tub, refreshing massage, manicure, pedicure, applying artificial nails, basketball and volleyball courts, infrasauna.



The sports hall is suitable for housing handball, five-man football, tennis, basketball and volleyball matches or trainings and training camps as well as any other branches of sports that can be done in a sports hall like combat sports and mass sports events or housing cultural programmes.


The sports complex is located in the close vicinity of the open-air bath.

One of the two grass courts has lighting as well. The facility is excellent for housing summer sports camps.



            Situated on the corner of Széchenyi and Simonyi street, the typical Füzesgyarmat cottage shows the year it was made on its the façade: 1880. The ethnographical house has a pantry and a black-smith shop as well. The thatched house was built of sun-dried unburnt brick and the thickness of the walls is 50-55 cm. Besides the rural cleanroom the visitors can see a periodical exhibition in the other room. There was raised a monument in the memory of János Hegyesi, a folk poet born in Füzesgyarmat and of Benjámin Bonyhai peasant writer.

            The house is operated by the Dezső Csánki Local History Association. ­They cook local food and bake fried dough in the open-air oven upon the request of organised groups.




            The artist Erzsébet Szitás, born in Füzesgyarmat, had many exhibitions in the country and abroad. The works of art of 60 fruitful years have found their places in the gallery named after her. People, life stories and landscapes appear on her touching drawings, engravings and oil-paintings beginning with the portrait of her shoemaker father. The Gallery preserved more than 100 of her paintings for the future generations. 


Kiskastély Inn and Restaurant

We wait for our guests with 5 comfortable rooms throughout the year.

Our services: organization of programmes and camps, catering services, organization of collective programmes, swimming instruction

We offer 30% of discount for groups.


Éva Guest House

We wait for our guests with 2 double-bedded guest houses, equipped kitchen, showers and an enclosed court 300 metres from the medicinal bath.



(in the Kastélypark Bath)

            Services: refreshing Swedish massage, refreshing sole massage, honey massage, head massage for migraine, lymph massage, cellulites treatment

slimming, body massage with chocolate.


Pedicure-manicure-artificial nails

(in the Kastélypark Bath)

Services: SPA detoxification, paraffin hand and feet treatment, depilation, trendy nail polishing, refreshing sole massage.


If you need information about Körös-Sárrét or the other parts of the country, Please do not hesitate to contact us.

We can offer several exciting programmes for the visitors of Füzesgyarmat in Körös-Sárrét.


I. Visiting Vésztő-Mágor


            There are two special, 9–10-metre-tall, large mounds standing side by side in the nature conservation area. A segment cut in one of the mounds shows the traces and available finds of a six thousand-year-old settlement. Here you can find the vestiges of the Csolt clan’s monastery from the era of Árpád. The newest spectacle of the exhibition is the house from the new stone age, the marsh-dweller farm and some boats made of mud.  Visitors can see a grazing Racka herd besides the other indigenous breed. There are the statues of those writers, poets and scientists who were fighting for the rise of the Hungarian nation and the Great Plain the Statue Park of Peasant Writers.


Information: 5530 Vésztő-Mágor, Mágori-domb

Tel/fax: 06-66-477-148; 06-66-477-033


Opening hours: from 1 April to 31 October

Services: parking, guides, publications for sale, buffet, open-air cooking, baking lángos or pogácsa in open-air oven


II. Réhely Visitors’ Centre of Körös–Maros National Park


            Visitors can learn about the activities of the National Park in protection of the bustard as well as the natural and ethnographical assets of the region. In the open-air exhibition places our guests can see some species of the ancient Hungarian domestic animals. There is a path helping to discover individually the flora and fauna of the habitat and there is a possibility to start your journey to discover the world of the Dévaványa-Ecseg plain on foot or by bike.


            The town of Füzesgyarmat is situated on the Great Sárrét, besides the main road no. 47, in the West of Szeghalom.Located in the Northern part of Békés county the town is accessible by train and it is on the border of Hajdú-Bihar and Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok counties. There are 20 smaller settlements belonging to its region.      

            The majority of Füzesgyarmat’s population is Reformed but there are smaller Unitarian and Catholic congregations as well. The churches of these three congregations are of listed monument nature.

            Situated in the park opposite the town hall, the statue of Saint Barbara (the patron saint of miners and fire-fighters) and the neo-baroque fountain are inspiring sights. Those who like the rural life of the past can visit the Ethnographic house in Simonyi Street. The house was built around 1880 and there is an exhibition featuring local history. Visitors can also see the memorial room of János Hegyesi, the peasant poet of the town. A memorial plaque shows the birthplace of Dezső Csánki, a famous historian and archivist in Bethlen Street.

You can spend your holiday with pleasant recreation in our town. The Kastélypark Bath is situated in the former castle park in an area of 12 ha. Its medicinal water, the “Sárrét Gyöngye” is suitable for the treatment of locomotion organic, neurotic and gynaecological diseases. It waits for its guests desiring refreshment, relaxation and healing with two pools having smooth water-surface, a pool for children and more indoor and outdoor swimming-pools with medicinal water for winter and summer usage.

            Besides the accommodations owned by the local government and situated inside the area of the medicinal bath there are several pensions waiting for the guests fond of domestic hospitality in the town. Our guests who prefer the exclusive atmosphere can enjoy the top-class services of the hotel adjoining the bath. The four-star Thermalcamping built in 2004 welcomes those who arrive with trailer and tents. There is direct access to the Kastélypark Bath from the camping. The town’s sports complex andsports hall offer an excellent opportunity for organizing training and sports camps.

            The Equestrian Days of Füzesgyarmat are organized with the participation of carriage driving and horse races and the stormy show of the horse-herders in August every year. The freshest thing to see in the town are the world-famous carriages manufactured in the unit of Sándor Galambos.

            The members of the local hunters' and fishers’ associations provide for high quality activities for those guests who enjoy hunting and fishing. The beauties of the untouched nature and the undisturbed flora and fauna can be discovered by the tourists on the plains around the town and in the shrubbery forests on the riverbank.

Make a trip in our town and be our guest!

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Kiskastély Apartments and Restaurant Füzesgyarmat, cheap accommodation in Füzesgyarmaton, Békés county. Special offers, lot of programs for class trips and for training camps.
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